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What Is MyLegalRobot.com?

Are you on a limited budget? These are tough economic times and while you may need some type of legal work done, attorneys fees can be costly. Or maybe you know someone who in the past tried to use forms from a website only to find out they didn’t have a clue how to fill out the form properly and they felt like they wasted their money?

Have you ever thought, “There’s no way I can do this myself," only to find out it was going to cost a lot of money for an attorney? Or in the past, have you hired an attorney only to see that you could have handled the matter yourself with just a little guidance?

MyLegalRobot.com is an affordable self-help service for uncontested family law issues such as Divorce, Legitimating Children, Modification of Child Support, etc., that provides you with the best of both worlds: It allows you to file and handle your case in court yourself, while having the ability to consult with a lawyer by e-mail or phone for those questions that you might have when trying to generate documents to be filed or that arise after you have filed an action.

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